Plastic milk tea cup flat lid

90mm/ 95mm/98mm


Weather you run a restaurant or a cafe, how you package your teas, drinks, smoothies and other liquids determines your customer flow . While people are naturally drawn to aesthetics, functionality also matters. This is why we have high-quality plastic cups with lids to serve your customers with minimal risk of spillage. Find clear plastic cups with lids that show off the beauty of the liquid while keeping it secured.

Hygienic, practical and affordable, our plastic cups with lids are some of the best you can ever lay your hands on. Your customers will love the clear cups with lids and those in other colors as well. Upgrade your cafe or restaurant with our plastic cups with lids and embrace maximim customer satisfaction.

Protected by lids, your customers will be happy to pick up your delicious drinks on the go. Nobody wants a beverage or drink spilling on them or their freshly laundered clothes, so our plastic cups with lids make the perfect choice. We make “drinking” a practical, enjoyable and satisfactory experience. So get our plastic cups with lids and you and your customers will be happier for it.


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