16oz U-shaped boba tea plastic cups with lid

Material: PP

Diameter/ top: 95mm


Film: Yes

Lid: Yes

Customized logo: Yes

For cold and hot drinks

clear print bubble tea U-shaped with lid

Polypropylene cups or PP cups are produced out of a transparent mat material that holds your liquids in place. Our PP cups are the ultimate definition of sustainability. They are suitable for outdoor events like those held at the park and the beach. They are disposable which spares cleaning effort. Our PP cup with lid prevents accidental spillage and leakage, so you can transport the cup from one location to another without apprehension. Shop our pp plastic cup for events and parties.

We sell at wholesale prices, so if you are a retailer, this is one of the best deals you will get, and trust that your customers will appreciate the effort. Select polypropylene cups for wine, beer, soda, fruit drinks, and just about any liquid. Our PP cups are manufactured with a firm, flexible material, so they are almost unbreakable. This means you don’t have to worry when it slips out of your hand and falls, you only have to contend with a spilled drink and not pieces and shards of glass. Besides they are firm to the grip, so unless your hands are super sweaty, there’s little chance of dropping. Order our range of polypropylene cups for the best customer experience and satisfaction.

16oz U-shaped Disposable Plastic Cup with Lid


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