Custom coffee sleeves



How to Choose the Best Disposable Coffee Cups for Your Café

Choosing the right disposable coffee cups is essential for your café’s success. Key factors include selecting suitable materials (PET for cold drinks, PP for hot drinks, and eco-friendly PLA), appropriate sizes (8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz), and ensuring snug-fitting lids. Custom logos enhance brand visibility, while recyclable or biodegradable options appeal to eco-conscious customers. Reliable suppliers ensure quality and timely delivery. Feedback from other café owners can offer valuable insights. Consider these aspects to delight your customers and boost your brand. Contact us for more details on our disposable coffee cups.

What’s the difference between PP(cups) and PET(cups)?

t**Summary:** Explore the application differences of PP and PET materials in plastic cups. PP offers flexibility and versatility, while PET emphasizes heat resistance and high transparency. Choosing the right material depends on beverage requirements and aesthetic preferences, ensuring they meet business needs and customer expectations.


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