Company Introduction

Shandong Get Plastic Co., Ltd. has been serving plastic cups, paper cups and customized service industry with affordable prices and exceptional service many years. Shandong Get Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded by a former food and beverage industry China. We understand your needs and your struggles, because we’ve been in your shoes. We works to level the playing field by offering custom branded promotional disposable products for pennies on the dollar. It used to be widely bubble tea shops and coffee bar could afford to brand their take-out products, but that is no longer the case.

Our Core Pillars

We maintain three core pillars that keep our customers coming back.


We strive to deliver the best possible product every single time. Since every item is custom branded, we have a rigorous quality control system that ensures your brand will be perfectly represented on all your items.

Low Prices

As our brand name implies, we offer custom-branded disposables on a budget. We work hard to deliver some of the lowest prices on the market without sacrificing product quality. Our cups, bowls, and bags will get the job done while saving you money and helping to grow your business.

Customer Support

Unlike many online companies, we don’t send you to a bot or a gatekeeper before you can speak with someone who will actually answer your questions. A member of our team will always be available to respond during office hours. We also provide updates at each step of the order process to keep you completely informed on where your order is at.

Our values

SDGETCUP, our core values are at the heart of every project we take on and every relationship we start. We believe in honesty, quality, customer focus, continuous improvement, and teamwork (and it hasn’t steered us wrong yet).

Our Certificates


Our Factory



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